Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Big Freeze Sets In

Having had the excitment of frozen pipes, water and collapsed ceilings last winter we were very nervous about The Big Freeze coming early in November 2010.  I think its caught everyone by surprise including several drivers whos cars were abandoned, a real surprise this early in the year.  The difference in weather just by climbing a few more 100ft often turns the road to ice and catches the unwary.  However roads aside the countryside and Hay Bluff in particular look spectacular in their new coat!

View to Hay Bluff from Cefn Hill

The Birches Holiday Cottage is cosy, well it is on the inside.

The Birches Self Catering Holiday Cottage

All the fresh snow and Jack Frost make for a spectacular view down to Hay-On-Wye far enough away to make the Birches secluded but close enough to be able to enjoy.

View Down Cusop Valley To Hay-On-Wye taken from Forestry Road

I think that crisp cold sunny days are the best of the whoe year.  You can feel the fresh clean air in your lungs and I think there no better weather, it a pity the days are so short.